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Both Sides of the Aisle: Civil and Criminal Matters

Our law firm is a unique legal practice. We offer experienced, seasoned representation to individuals and families facing hardship from personal injury and criminal accusation. How do these areas of practice diverge and how are they similar?

Most people have little idea of the law and what type of representation they need when faced with trouble. Oftentimes we speak with clients who do not understand the need for an attorney experienced with the type of issue they are facing. Here are some basic differences:

  • Personal injury. When you are injured in a car or other accident, you need the advice of a personal injury lawyer. Experienced with the legal factors needed to prove negligence, a good injury attorney negotiates and works with an insurance company or other party to obtain compensation for your losses and injury caused by others. A legal action arising from personal injury is a civil matter.
  • Criminal defense. If you are arrested on any criminal charge, you need a well-established criminal defense attorney. Your defense lawyer is familiar with the language of the criminal justice system and knows how to protect your rights. There may be negotiations concerning plea arrangements, or a reduction or dismissal of charges. A legal action arising from arrest is a criminal matter that could affect your liberty.

While seemingly different areas of law, personal injury and criminal defense both require a strong knowledge of the law and educated advocacy to protect your rights, regardless of the problem you face.

Whether you are injured or arrested, be sure your legal counsel has experience — your financial or personal liberty depends upon it.