Collisions in Parking Garages and Lots

Collisions in Parking Garages and Lots

It isn’t hard to see why parking lots and parking garages are frequently the site of car accidents—each driver is distracted by either trying to pull out of a spot, trying to find a spot, or by the pedestrians walking in every direction. Additionally, some drivers might not even be sure of who has the right-of-way. Even when occurring at low speed, a parking lot accident can still cost a substantial amount in repairs or cause a serious back, neck or other injury. Read on to learn what you need to know after you’re in an accident in a parking lot.

Who has the right of way in parking lots?

Determining who was at fault in an accident often comes down to who had the right-of-way in a given scenario. Parking lots are generally split between drivers on the thoroughfares (the wider lanes which lead to the street), and drivers in feeder lanes (smaller lanes which start and end with thoroughfares) or backing out of spots. The drivers on the thoroughfares are the ones with the right-of-way.

Take pictures of the crash

In order to prove who had the right-of-way when the crash occurred, it can help to take photos of the accident exactly as it happened. If you are in a portion of the parking lot where there is not a great deal of traffic, it may be safe to take photos before moving your cars, but if not, pull off to the side. Speak with anyone walking nearby who may have seen the accident and could describe what happened.

Security camera footage can help

If someone hit your car while you weren’t near your vehicle and did not leave a note, they’ve not only done something highly rude, they’ve committed a violation of the Alabama Code on motor vehicle accidents. If the driver left the scene of the accident before identifying themselves, or if you and the other driver disagree about what happened in a crash, speak with the facility’s security offices right away about whether a security camera may have captured the incident, allowing you a way to determine what happened in the crash. You should also have the security officers make a report of the accident to present to your insurer, as police are less likely to make a report of an incident which occurred on private property monitored by its own security personnel.

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