Delivery Driver accidents

Common Causes of Delivery Vehicle Accidents in Alabama

Delivery vehicles are more common than ever; in fact, it’s stranger to go an entire trip without seeing a delivery vehicle than it is to see multiple during a drive. Delivery drivers may work for local restaurants, stores, and shipping facilities. They may also be independent contractors for companies like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. Regardless, accident rates are surprisingly high among delivery drivers—why is this and what can be done about it?

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Speeding and Reckless Driving

Speeding is an issue for the vast majority of drivers, but it is extremely prevalent among delivery drivers. Delivery drivers often have a massive amount of deliveries on any given day, and speeding is the only way to finish a trip in time. For others, their work day ends when they finish their last delivery—so there’s plenty of motivation to finish their deliveries as quickly as possible.

Delivery drivers may also engage in reckless driving to shorten their drive time. Unfortunately, people who drive for a living can get too comfortable with their driving skills. They may become complacent and assume that they are not at risk for accidents because of their good driving history. It only takes one reckless action to lead to a serious crash.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the greatest dangers on America’s roads today, and delivery drivers are not safe from it. Delivery drivers may be at even greater risk for distracted driving than the average vehicle operator. They are often driving to stores and homes that they are not familiar with, which means relying heavily on navigation apps. When their eyes are on their infotainment system or phone screen instead of the road, the accident risk goes up dramatically. On top of that, delivery drivers are drawn to the same distractions the rest of us are. They may feel the pull of a text message notification, the urge to change their music, or the need for a quick drink or snack.


Driving for a living is physically and mentally draining. It requires you to sit in a fixed position that isn’t good for your body and puts a lot of strain on your back. Mentally, it requires intense attention and the knowledge that you are always one mistake away from a crash. This pressure adds up, and it makes it much harder for drivers to focus on the road. This type of stress can also make drivers prone to fatigue, which dramatically increases the likelihood of a crash. Fatigue slows down your reaction time, inhibits your ability to make good decisions, and impairs your motor skills.

Overworked Drivers

Many places that employ delivery drivers have fewer drivers than they need. This doesn’t mean they slow down on the number of deliveries they do. Instead, it means they put increasing pressure on the drivers they do have. Drivers may work longer shifts, take on more trips during their existing shifts, or work extra days. Humans aren’t meant to endure this type of mental strain, and it doesn’t take long for that strain to affect your driving in a profound way. Overworked drivers are known to take unnecessary risks, get confused or disoriented while driving, and even fall asleep for brief periods while driving.

Poor Maintenance

Vehicles used for delivery go through far more wear and tear than personal vehicles. Whether a driver is employed by a company or an independent contractor, that means the vehicle needs more maintenance. Vehicles used for deliveries should be regularly inspected and maintained to avoid preventable crashes. If a driver or employer doesn’t make sure that these inspections happen, crashes are likely to follow.

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