Roundabout car accidents

Common Causes of Roundabout Car Accidents

Roundabouts are generally a safe and efficient way to manage traffic and avoid massive traffic backups. However, they do come with their downsides. Accidents that occur in roundabouts can block off multiple lanes of traffic, causing traffic delays in all directions. It’s important to understand how roundabout collisions happen so you can protect yourself while navigating Montgomery’s roundabouts.

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General Inexperience

Roundabouts aren’t found everywhere in the country. When they start appearing on local roads, those who have never encountered them outside of driver’s education may be unsure about how to navigate them. A number of roundabout collisions are the result of general driver inexperience. If they don’t know who has the right to enter the roundabout first, who is supposed to yield, and how to exit the roundabout properly, accidents are inevitable. Drivers need to review the expectations of roundabouts when they begin to reach their community.

Failure to Yield

Failure to yield is an incredibly common problem in roundabouts. One of the most important rules in a roundabout is to yield to vehicles that are already in the roundabout. In most traffic situations, you yield to vehicles on the right; roundabouts are the only real exception where you yield to vehicles on your left. Drivers who misinterpret these rules, try to sneak in when it’s not their turn, or misjudge the speed and proximity of other vehicles, cause a variety of accidents.

Improper Lane Usage

Some roundabouts only have one lane, and those are generally much easier to navigate. But roundabouts, particularly those in busier areas or at high-volume intersections, have two, three, or even more lanes. Navigating these lanes correctly is crucial when it comes to avoiding accidents. 

Roundabouts have signs indicating what each lane is for; in some cases, you must use the far right lane to exit. In some, multiple lanes are used for exiting. When someone tries to exit from the far left lane, that involves cutting across multiple lanes of traffic and drastically increasing the likelihood of an accident. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the signs at the entrance of the roundabout and avoid last-minute exits.

Speeding and Loss of Control

It is all too easy to speed in a roundabout. People often underestimate how difficult it is to drive in a tight circle, and when they start speeding up, it’s all too easy to lose control. The Internet is full of videos of people who underestimate their speed while entering a roundabout, which sends them flying over the middle of the intersection. When a driver loses control, they may cut across multiple lanes, spin out, or even flip over. Assuming that everyone else is moving through the roundabout appropriately, accidents are bound to happen.


Distracted driving is dangerous in every situation, but it is particularly risky in roundabouts. The lanes are narrow, vehicles are constantly entering and exiting, and you must be aware of your surroundings and other drivers’ actions. Stopping to read the signs in the roundabout, change the music station, check your phone, or even talk to your friend in the passenger seat is an unnecessary risk. Not only do you have to pay attention to your efforts to stay in your own lane, but you must be ready to take evasive action if another driver starts to drift into your lane.

Roundabout accidents are common, but you don’t have to figure out your next steps alone. If someone else’s error led to your accident, you could be entitled to compensation.

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