Trucking Accidents

The Importance of Getting a Lawyer Involved Early in a Trucking Accident

Truck accidents ruin thousands of lives every year, leaving victims with serious injuries, totaling. vehicles, and causing preventable fatalities. Unfortunately, a tractor-trailer’s size makes it capable of causing extraordinary damage in any type of collision. That’s why it’s so important for victims to fight for fair compensation after a crash—without it, they are left paying their medical bills, replacing their vehicle, and handling time off of work on their own.

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Trucking Companies Have Lots of Legal Support

One of the main reasons you should talk to a lawyer as quickly as possible is that trucking companies have lots of resources. These are companies that bring in millions of dollars every year—just one big accident could cause their insurance policies to skyrocket in price, cutting deeply into their profits. For that reason, they go to great lengths to protect themselves from lawsuits. 

The trucking companies usually have in-house legal teams or external law firms waiting on standby. The moment a crash happens, they leap into action, looking for ways to protect the company from. liability. How do you go up against a force like that? You choose an aggressive, proven law firm that works hard to get victims what they deserve.

There’s Lots of Evidence to Process

Truck accidents have substantially more evidence to process than crashes involving smaller vehicles. Not only is there likely more damage and therefore more to investigate, but there are other legal factors at play. To start, truck driving is a field with heavy regulations governing how long drivers can operate, how frequently inspections must happen, and how cargo must be loaded. 

The FMCSA is very serious about these regulations, and any violations could be key pieces of evidence for your claim. You’ll want to work with a Montgomery truck accident lawyer who knows how to access important pieces of evidence, look for violation regulations, and use that information to strengthen your claim.

Additionally, many trucking accident attorneys have access to a wealth of resources outside the walls of their law firm. There’s a lot at stake in a truck accident claim, so why wouldn’t you want an attorney who will cover all of their bases while advocating for you? The right lawyer can talk to accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and economic specialists who can strengthen your claim and prove how much you’re owed.

Trucking Accidents Involve a Substantial Amount of Money

Perhaps the most important reason to hire an attorney right away is that there is a lot of money on the table. Your losses are likely severe, from a totaled vehicle and massive medical bills to unpaid time off of work and mental trauma. Insurers know that trucks are capable of causing this type of damage, which is why they require them to carry such large insurance policies. 

These policies are enough to cover your losses. But without an attorney, your odds of getting what you’re actually owed are low. Both insurers and truck companies do whatever it takes to protect their own bottom line, even at the expense of victims.

It is also important to remember that punitive damages may be on the line. Punitive damages are only awarded in extreme cases in Alabama, generally requiring that you prove wanton negligence or intent on the part of the liable party. For example, a truck driver who was drinking and driving with a BAC four times the legal limit could be considered grossly negligent. So could a trucking company that hired a driver with a known history of at-fault crashes and a suspended license. Your Montgomery truck accident lawyer can help you explore these options.

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