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What is an Expert Witness, and How Can One Help My Car Accident Lawsuit?

Most car accident claims are resolved with a settlement before they reach the point of going to trial. However, some claims become more hotly-contested, requiring an injured plaintiff to present all evidence available that supports a claim for damages. While it is valuable to provide eyewitness testimony from the injured victim and others who saw the crash, a claim can also be bolstered with testimony from expert witnesses.

Expert witnesses are individuals who have established themselves as authorities in a certain field relevant to a claim for damages, and can provide a more objective, evidence-based perspective on how and why an accident occurred, or interpreting certain evidence for a judge and jury. Some experts you might see testifying in a car accident lawsuit include:

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Reconstruction experts can use physical evidence and photos from the scene of an accident to create visual models of the accident itself, as well as offer an opinion on who was at fault. Reconstruction experts can also testify about how evidence such as skid marks — or a lack thereof – show that the at-fault driver was distracted, inebriated, or asleep at the time of the crash.

Economic Expert

For those unexperienced with the true costs associated with serious car accident injuries or long-term medical care, the damages a victim requests in a personal injury accident can seem extravagant and unnecessary. An economic expert can put those numbers in perspective and offer data explaining the source of those costs, so that a jury can understand the basis for a request for damages. Economic experts can provide an estimate of the costs of rehabilitation for your particular injuries, the cost of your lost earning capacity, or the cost of in-home care.

Medical Expert

Medical experts provide necessary interpretation of your medical records and injuries to the jury, including how the accident in question resulted in the injuries you incurred. These experts can also provide a prognosis for recovery and testify to the extent of future treatments that the injuries will require.

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