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Murder Conviction Overturned; DA Vows Retrial

The Limestone County District Attorney has stated that he will retry a man after the defendant’s 2012 murder conviction was overturned on appeal. The appeals court stated that the jury had been improperly instructed.

41-year-old Keith George was sentenced to 50 years in prison following the 2009 shooting death of his 26-year-old nephew Rusty George at a house party in Ardmore. But an appellate court later ruled that the jury received no instructions concerning Alabama’s somewhat-maligned “stand your ground” law. How the incident began is hotly disputed and has a direct bearing on the legitimacy of Keith’s defense of self-defense. Keith claims that he was trying to stop Rusty from driving home drunk in a pickup truck, while other witnesses stated that Keith was angry because Rusty had bought the truck from Keith and that Rusty had not paid in full.

Alabama law

Alabama’s stand-your-ground law states that, in most circumstances, a person has no duty to retreat from a place that the person has a lawful right to be. Several other states have this type of law, or a similar “castle doctrine” law. In order for the defense to apply, the defendant must also establish more traditional elements of a self-defense defense:

  • The aggressor is using or about to use deadly force. A pickup truck or other motor vehicle can be considered as a deadly weapon in most instances.
  • The aggressor is using or about to use physical force against an occupant of a dwelling. The Georges were in the street, so this element is inapplicable.
  • The aggressor is attempting to commit a certain named offense, including kidnapping, first- or second-degree assault or forcible rape. Again, none of these elements apply in this case.

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